Day 137- Helpful Gluten-Free Websites

It is always hard when first starting a new diet; learning how to feed your body without foods that use to make up a majority of your meals. I think for most people there is the initial feeling of shock, and maybe a feeling of being lost. Gluten is such a prevalent ingredient in most foods that we consume, from baked goods, to sauces, to condiments, to cross-contamination with other grains, it is almost inevitable that you are going to get accidental exposure.

In order to learn how to take the best steps to change your diet and how to still satisfy your hunger, I have provided some helpful websites and gluten-free blogs that can be a good resource to you as you embark on your new adventure!

Here are a few that I have found to be helpful:

  • This website offers gluten-free recipes, every day. The site requires a subscription of $10 each month, but allows you to choose 5 entrees each week and provides a shopping list for all the ingredients that you will need for that week. It is basically a weekly meal and schedule planner, great for encouraging you to try new foods and recipes and saving you the time of searching and creating your own recipes when time is usually not on your side.
  • Great recipes and beautiful pictures created by gluten-free goddess, Karina! She also provides helpful cooking tips and gluten-free facts for those that are just starting out. My only concern is that she uses corn in some of her recipes, which may not be tolerated by some on gluten-free.
  • Carol Kicinski, is a professional gluten-free recipe developer, television chef, freelance writer, and cookbook author. Her recipes are creative and look amazing! She also has dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free recipe options.
  • A popular gluten-free magazine that provides online resources as well. You can find gluten-free recipes, articles, and tips for transitioning kids to gluten-free as well as kid friendly recipes.
  • – KC Pomering was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and Celiac disease, she created a blog that provides helpful recipes that satisfy the gourmet gluten-free cook and cooking for gluten-free children. She also provides blog discussions on being gluten-free, which are both interesting and helpful. My only complaint is that she uses canola oil and corn in a lot of her recipes.
  • Read about Shauna and her amazing journey being diagnosed with Celiac disease and how becoming gluten-free changed her life. Her husband is the chef and together they have created some amazing recipes that they have chosen to share with the rest of us. Oh yeah, and she lives in Seattle!

Pura Vida!
Alica Ryan, NTP

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